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Strong tilapia production growth in Ceará

Noticias del día29 de marzo de 2012

In Ceará, tilapia production grew 50 per cent from February 2011 to the same month this year, according to figures from the Association of fish farmers from Ceará (Aceaq).

Brasil: Producers hope to maintain the same rates of growth throughout this year, which would imply moving from the 20,000 tonnes produced in 2011 to 30,000 tonnes.

Aceaq executive secretary, Antonio Albuquerque, acknowledged that this growth was made possible by the expansion of the areas for tilapia production, from the provisions of the federal government, Diario do Nordeste reported.

Currently, Ceará is the largest tilapia producer in Brazil. It generates 20 per cent of the total country's production, according to data from the Economic Development Agency of Ceará (Adece).

In addition to production, the consumption of tilapia has also been increasing in recent years. One of the factors contributing to this expansion is the change in the production of tilapia, which in Aceaq technical director’s view, Horace Sousa, this species began to be raised in captivity with fish feed.

As a result, the fish, which previously had not been valued because of its earthy flavour, is now appreciated by a wide range of people and is sold in upscale restaurants.

Besides becoming one of the most prized fish in Ceará, tilapia ranked first among the most consumed fishing products in the country.

As for the fluctuations experienced by the prices of some tilapia products, the executive secretary of Aceaq explains the variations between supply and demand continue. In this respect, he highlighted that the provision of fillets, in particular, is quite uneven. In Ceará there are few companies performing this process, and on many occasions, "the fillet comes from other states, especially Bahia, which contributes to increased product cost."

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