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Pioneer Group, an indigenous aquaculture equipment manufacturer from Taiwan but becomes a leading brand in American market among the other Taiwanese manufacturers.

01 de diciembre de 2013

Today we will lead you to find out their secret of success.

Origin of Pioneer Group:
It's founded in 1999 and consisted of strong team with "Aquaculture, Professional Mechanical 
Engineering, Geo-Technical Specialist and Experienced Installing Technicians".
More than this, Pioneer Group also cooperates with the Reputed Aquaculture Specialist of Mr. Ting-Lang, Huang who has the following achievement:
ÿ Chief of Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute, Tainan Branch.
ÿ First delegate by the Taiwan government to Central & South America.
ÿ More than 40 years of practical and theoretical experience.
Major Product & Service:
ÿ Fish Cage Farming System & Accessories. ("Turn-Key Package Offered")
ÿ Aquaculture Equipment : 
λ Paddlewheel Aerators ("Teco" Motor made in "Taiwan" with ISO9001/ISO14001), 
λ Rings/Roots Blowers (ISO9001)
λ Air-Injectors 
λ Water Pumps (ISO9002)
λ Automatic Feeders
ÿ Processing Machine :
λ Automatic Grits Manufacturing Machines
λ Mixer Machines
λ Fish Chopping Machines
λ Fish Mincing Machines.
ÿ HDPE Pond Liner (ISO9002)
ÿ Power Control Panels (ISO9001)
ÿ Electrical Cables (ISO9001)
ÿ Aquaculture Consultant Service...etc.
Worldwide Distribution:
Except the American market, Pioneer Group also expands the market to the rest four continents and sets 
distributors to the following countries to help the farmers obtaining the items they need in rapid way:
ÿ Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, Egypt, Australia
ÿ India: Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kerala...etc.
Achieve of Pioneer Group:
ÿ Since 2003 Pioneer provided more than six hundred sets of cage farming systems to the largest 
tilapia farm in the world, also cages to Malaysia, Viet Nam, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia...etc. 
ÿ Not only Pioneer Group’s cage farming system has been using in those government projects 
but also the mooring accessories, cage & mooring installation had been designed, provided & 
assembled by Pioneer Group for Malaysia governmental project.
Success Factor:
ÿ Don't use recycle material and insist to produce with 100% new raw material to stabilize the 
ÿ Keep In mind to provide top quality products and genuine “professional” services to the customer 
& do best to fully satisfy their needs.
ÿ Unique design, like: replaceable paddle, 28 small holes impeller, 6m wave resistant & typhoon 
resistant cage, wider span bracket...etc. 
Base on the aforementioned, you are not only lower your maintenance costs but also saving your time and 
money, for there is less spare parts changing required.
To learn more about the Pioneer Group and its products, visit them often at  Have 
a specific question you would like addressed? Email them at

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