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XperCountTM: Una solución completa para los criaderos de camarón
01 de abril de 2014
Aumente la rentabilidad de su criadero al evaluar de manera precisa sus inventarios en cada etapa de la operación.
Pioneer, servicio a toda la cadena de producción acuícola
01 de diciembre de 2013
Esta empresa taiwanesa de manufactura de equipos acuícolas se ha convertido en una marca líder en el mercado americano.
Tyson Animal Nutrition Group: Confeccionando ingredientes proteicos para las necesidades del futuro
01 de diciembre de 2013
Fundados en 1935, en Tyson Foods, Inc. tenemos nuestras raíces en la ciencia y el negocio de los alimentos para consumo animal. El fundador de esta empresa, anteriormente conocida como Tyson Feed and Hatchery, John Tyson, Sr., entendió desde muy temprano la importancia de la nutrición para el ganado.
Evonik: DL-Methionine for AquacultureTM, la mejor elección para su alimento acuícola.
01 de diciembre de 2013
DL-Methionine for Aquaculture™ ha sido desarrollado para proveer la más efectiva fuente de metionina en alimentos para la industria acuícola.
Alimentos de mezclas de algas: la dieta perfecta de la Naturaleza
01 de octubre de 2013
Los maricultores conocen la importancia de las microalgas en las diferentes fases del ciclo de vida de las especies marinas; su cultivo ha sido una tarea esencial para ellos durante décadas.
Strategic partner in cage production for fish farming sites
02 de agosto de 2013
With 30 years of experience in the industry AKVA group is a world leader in the production of Wavemaster Steel cages and Polarcirkel plastic cages.
Selecting the Best Dissolved Oxygen Instrument: Features to Consider Beyond Sensor Technology
04 de julio de 2012
The different types of dissolved oxygen sensing technologies include optical, polarographic, and galvanic.
Reed Mariculture
04 de julio de 2012
Insight into an expanding company and its commitment to the highest quality products and service.
Accurate “on-farm” evaluation of two different probiotic microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria Bactocell®, and live yeast Levucell® SB) on the shirmp Litopenaeus vannamei in Mexico.
04 de julio de 2012
Mortality from bacterial infections in warmwater fish can be controlled
04 de julio de 2012
Efficacy studies show that a wide variety of the bacterial pathogens that lead to mortality in warmwater fish are susceptible to florfenicol (Table 1), says Gaunt, associate professor of the fish lab at the university’s Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine.
AquaTactics Vaccines – The future of fish medicine is a TARGETED approach
04 de julio de 2012
A Better Approach to Fish Farm Disease Control
Wenger introduces new extrusion processes for improved shrimp and tuna feed production
09 de marzo de 2012
Wenger Manufacturing, Inc. recently introduced an aquatic feed extrusion system thatsurpasses the capabilities of other small diameter aquatic feed processes, and redefines allprevious shrimp feed production technology.
Kasco Marine® Aeratorsin intensive tilapia farming
02 de febrero de 2012
Intensive aquaculture can’t be conceived without a good aeration system. Maintaining dissolved oxygen at high levels enables us, among others things, to increase stocking densities, maintaining an optimal growth, and decreasing stress on fish, all of which generate a high resistance to diseases and also, better water quality.
Streptococcus agalactiae Biotype II major problem for Brazilian tilapia industry
06 de enero de 2012
Recently approved vaccine aids in control of disease
PTC SmartOne® ceramic heaters.
01 de noviembre de 2011
Process Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of our SmartOne® line of PTC (positive temperature coefficient) electric immersion heaters. With this technology, thermal over-temperature protectors are no longer required to ensure safe operation. PTC aquaculture heaters are more dependable with extended service life and will not burn out in air like traditional resistance heaters. Unlike resistance heaters, these heaters continue working in high solids applications.
Dip it, stock it & reap it...
01 de julio de 2011
You will have your shrimps in 100 days!!! Have you heard of shrimps growing in about 100 days to the harvestable size of 30 counts? Yes, it is possible. Or fish fry, growing faster than normal? That too is possible.
Protein fractionators or “skimmers” as they are commonly called, when used in raising fish or shrimp will remove suspended particulates, organics, protein waste and yellow tints in the water.
01 de julio de 2011
At the same time protein fractionation (skimming) will lower the amount of bacteria and pathogens and increase the amount of oxygen. Traditional aquaculture filters, such as pressurized sand filters or cartridge filters remove particulates but do not remove protein waste and can actually increase the amount of bacteria and pathogens.
Instant Algae Marine Microalgae Concentrates – So Easy to Use!
01 de julio de 2011
In the first installment of the RTI addition to this magazine, we introduced a number of products manufactured or distributed by Reed Mariculture, Inc. In this issue, we’ll show you just how easy it is to use these products.
Protein hydrolysates boost the white shrimp performance with low fish meal diets
01 de julio de 2011
With the constant evolution in feed regulation, the emergence of new environmental constraints and the global reduction of crucial raw materials such as fish meal, it is becoming more challenging to combine high productivity with sustainable practices. Many studies have already shown that the growth performance of feeds subjected to high replacement levels of fish meal are not adequate in terms of palatability and nutritional efficiency.
Phospholipids and Protein Balance Improve Larval Nutrition
02 de mayo de 2011
Phospholipid composition and high quality protein are key benefits of phototrophic microalgae.



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