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Panorama Acuicola Magazine is produced by Design Publications International Inc. with the collaboration of a talented team of publishers, editors, scientists, marketing professionals and designers, committed to bring you the most complete coverage of the Aquaculture Industry around the world.


Panorama Acuicola Magazine is a bimonthly publication serving the Aquaculture Industry around the globe, read by thousands of industry professionals in America, Europe and Asia. Panorama Acuicola Magazine is a pioneer in Latin America's aquaculture field; it was the first aquaculture magazine in Mexico providing an international focus and soon became one of the most important sources of information for scientists, students, producers, processors, aquaculture suppliers and distributors worldwide.


Buyer's Guide Panorama Acuicola Magazine's Buyer's Guide is the only reliable source of up to date information of product names and supply sources of the Aquaculture Industry.


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5th International Aquaculture Forum (FIACUI) is a conference and trade show on the scientific and technological development of aquaculture featuring presentations from the leading experts in the industry around the globe.

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